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ATLANTA Metal Hook PU LEATHER Caramel/Tan Strap Apron


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Looking for an apron style that's bound to refresh your staff uniforms? If you're a fan of PU leather strap aprons (and who isn't), then our new ATLANTA apron is a great option. Cross back straps hook on and off easily for washing, and can be adjusted to suit all body types. Strap colours are inter-changeable (give our team a shout before you book online @ if you'd like to swap the strap colours). Linda wears her CARAMEL ATLANTA apron with BLACK STRAPS and DARK INDIGO Dexter Denim shirt. As well as the on point design, the ATLANTA apron is made from Urbanbar's unique, easy care Poly/ Cotton canvas. Designed to maintain it's colour for longer and requires very little time on an ironing board. This light weight canvas apron will provide ultimate comfort and lasting style for your staff. 
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