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Luxe Linen Blend Aprons


Designed to be comfortable and breathable, Urbanbar’s range of luxe blended linen aprons are both practical and stylish. Reflecting a simple, yet rustic look, these aprons will compliment the interior design of your space. Some of the designs we sell include pocket detailing and PU leather straps, as well as a range of modern colours. Get an apron that your staff will enjoy wearing, from our durable range.


Urbanbar’s Luxe Blended Linen Aprons are crafted from a unique blend of linen and viscose, which means they’re both super comfortable to wear and have a slight sheen to the fabric. Fabric is then pigment-dyed for a vintage feel and finished with a light coating that deflects minor spills without destroying the natural drape of the apron.

Designed here in Australia, our range of aprons are perfect for wait staff or baristas. Easy to wear, comfortable and featuring a simple design, you’ll be able to get a uniform that your staff can easily slip into when they arrive at work. Whether you’re a brand new venue, or looking for an upgrade on your uniform, take a look at our collection and get inspired! 



Our aprons offer a modern, stylish look that isn’t overbearing or over the top. You want your staff to express the personality of your business, so give them a uniform that works. Urbanbar supplies a great range of aprons, t-shirts, shirts and hats for your business. If you are looking for something unique, and you’re able to meet our minimum order requirements, feel free to contact our team and we’ll see if we can custom design something exclusive for you.

We believe maintaining style and aesthetic is a crucial part of hospitality, which is why we started Urbanbar. If you’re searching for a uniform to maintain the look in your space, check out our selection of hospitality uniform designs today.