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Plain, Denim, & Check Shirts for Hospitality Staff 

Designed for versatility, function, and comfort, our range of staff tops and shirts will fit in effortlessly to any hospitality uniform scheme. Urbanbar bases our designs on decades of experience with the fashion and hospitality industries, creating attractive designs which suit and enhance the role of café, bar, and hotel staff. These shirt designs are made from fine materials and based on the work of Australian professionals, guaranteeing a level of quality which will do your business proud and make your staff look the part.

Our shirts and tops are intentionally designed to withstand the rigours of the workplace, with tough, breathable materials such as cotton and 100% cotton denim being our most popular. Smart buttons and snap fastenings allow them to be adjusted and worn to suit the season and level of formality that your business requires, and secure enough to ensure they will not fall off into food service. Get uniforms that last when you shop on the Urbanbar online store

Attractive shirt designs to suit the modern Australian café

Urbanbar’s designers have extensive experience with all facets of the Australian hospitality industry. Over the last three decades, we have seen the needs and expectations of our cafes, restaurants, bars, and hotels, and we believe more can be done with the quality and design of their staff uniforms. Our shirts and tops feature classic, simple and modern designs, such as checkered or denim, which give an attractive, deliberate look without being too gaudy. Staff uniforms shouldn’t subtract the visual focus from your décor or your patrons, but Urbanbar can achieve a great-looking theme across your uniform items which give staff a unique, professional profile.

Combine Urbanbar products to create a uniform which suits your taste

Every café and bar longs to set itself apart with a unique look, and the appearance of your staff is an essential part of making that happen. Urbanbar’s huge range of shirts and accessories are designed with combination in mind, so you can browse our online catalogue until you’ve created the perfect uniform for your establishment. We offer full specifications and high-resolution images for every product so you can be confident before you make the purchase.