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Save Money on the Annual Uniform Budget, with Higher Quality Restaurant, Café or Hospitality Uniforms in Sydney

How much does your restaurant or café spend on uniforms each year? How often do you have to replace those uniforms, either because they wear out or because you have to order uniforms for new employees? How much would it help your bottom line if you could replace your staff uniforms about half as frequently as you already do?

At Urbanbar Design, we want to help you find hospitality uniforms in Sydney that will stand the test of time a bit better than what you are currently using. Not only can longer lasting uniforms help your business save big money over time, but they can also make your business more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Why Urbanbar Uniforms Last Longer

So why do the uniforms from Urbanbar last longer than the restaurant uniforms you are currently using for your Sydney business? There are a few reasons for the durability. First off, we have a strong commitment to making sure that all of our products are quality tested and ready for use. Many customers come to us complaining of their experiences with other bulk uniform suppliers, and claiming that they've dealt with poor quality uniforms in the past. Not only do these uniforms wear out faster, but they also don't look as sharp and are considerably less comfortable for your staff. The only pro to these types of garments is their lower prices, which can be a false economy for your business.

You can trust that the hospitality uniforms you find at Urbanbar Design are of a very high quality. Whether you order a custom set of uniforms or a more standard package without logo branding, you can expect uniforms that are comfortable, stylish and made from high quality fabrics. You might pay a bit more upfront, but in the long run, you will spend less since you won't have to replace your uniforms so frequently. Furthermore, since the uniforms are more comfortable, your employees will enjoy wearing them a great deal more than cheaper brands.

Be More Enviro Friendly with Your Restaurant and Café Uniforms in Sydney

At Urbanbar Designs, one of our new favourite hashtags is #EcoFriendlyCare. We see it as part of our responsibility to help reduce waste and keep the planet healthier, and we want our customers to take up that mission as their own.

With that thought in mind, every garment we sell comes with specific care instructions. By following these guidelines, you and your employees can ensure longer lasting wear of your uniforms. In turn, by making your uniforms last longer, your business can have a more gentle effect on the environment. Add the money that more durable uniforms can save your business in a year and there's simply no reason to keep buying the cheap stuff.

Are you interested in learning more about the restaurant, café and hospitality uniforms that Urbanbar Design offers to businesses in Sydney and throughout Australia? Start browsing our website for a uniform style that catches your eye, or click here to enquire about customising your uniform.

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