Want Your Bartenders to Strap On a Branded Denim Apron with PU Leather Straps? Urbanbar Design Has You Covered

When you run a bar, a lot of your time and energy goes into keeping it contemporary. From choosing a memorable, interesting name and logo to selecting the right style of interior decoration, it's all about attracting — and retaining — a loyal clientele. That doesn't mean competing in a race to the bottom on drink prices; instead, it is all about crafting a stylish image. Attracting and keeping regular customers starts with imparting the feeling of being in a unique location. That's why you spend so much time working on your bar's brand and spreading the word about it. Why not bring the same brand presence and visual unity to the clothing your staff wears behind the bar, too? With a denim apron with PU leather straps from Urbanbar Design, you can accomplish just that.

The ability to custom your PU leather strap apron combined with our stylish, modern styles will lend your bar the chic, contemporary look and feel for which you are aiming. Urbanbar Design's apron options are ideal for unifying your staff's whole look. This visual uniformity, especially with your logo displayed wherever you like on the apron, does more than just keep your brand in front of everyone's eyes. It also signals to patrons that they've arrived at a fine destination.

Customers expect an aesthetic — give it to them

Creating an enjoyable setting for customers to enjoy their drinks is more than just a good idea. Today, patrons frequently expect a certain level of sophistication when going out. Creating the aforementioned visual unity by ensuring all your staff wear the same PU leather strap apron allows you to take a big step in the right direction. The apron is a bar staple; a bartender may simply not look "right" without one. Besides protecting from spills, it exudes a stylish look for your employee. When they then serve patrons in your bar -- especially with your logo prominently featured on the denim -- visitors will feel well cared for.

The PU leather strap on the aprons you order also has colour options. Tan, black, and chocolate are all potential options, enabling you to refine the look even further. Tested to exceedingly high standards and long-lasting with the proper care, you receive plenty of use from Urbanbar Design aprons. Even with regular wear and tear, you can expect to only need to update your aprons approximately once a year.

Choose the right PU leather strap apron and order today

Crafting the perfect atmosphere has never been easier than it is with Urbanbar Design. Our experience in fashion means we can use our expertise to create on point and eye-catching uniforms. From the colour options we offer on every apron with PU leather straps to the blank slate of our "Design It Yourself" aprons, bar owners will find it a simple matter to perfect their image. Staff will enjoy wearing their new denim apron and its PU leather straps as well — we design for comfort as well as image. Allow us to work with your business to adapt its style to changing tastes; we are always working and thinking ahead. Build your ideal apron order (minimums applicable) and place it today. We frequently despatch orders within five days.