Order Custom Restaurant, Café or Hospitality Aprons in Australia through Urbanbar Design

At Urbanbar Design, we've noticed that whenever restaurants or cafes come to us looking for hospitality in aprons in Australia, they are looking for something a bit left of the mainstream. 'Everyone looks the same,' these customers often say to us. They want something different, a look that will set their waiters, cashiers, hosts, hostesses, bartenders, managers or cooks apart from the crowd.

Because of this strong push for something different, we have strived to make Urbanbar a place where you can come to find uniforms that are decisively more unique and trendy than the usual bulk order options you'll find online in Australia. As part of that commitment to uniqueness, we offer a couple of DIY (Design It Yourself) apron options, to help you give your staff a singular, branded look.

Personalise Your Apron Design Online

Shopping at Urbanbar Design for café aprons in Australia is convenient because you can browse for restaurant and café aprons online. Search for men's shirts or women's shirts individually, browse our new incoming styles or shop for accessories like ties or hats. Perhaps unique about our online store is our custom apron section. While you can order plain solid colour aprons, without any branding, our DIY aprons are a great way for you to create a cohesive brand image at your venue or event. Get your team involved with the design - they will love being able to contribute, and they know your venue even better than we do!

Here are a few of the options you have when it comes to customising your apron design:

  • Fabric: Get the right feel and weight for your apron, by choosing your own fabric. Right now, our Linen Blended aprons are especially popular. Linen Blended aprons are lighter than denim and unique to Urbanbar Design. These aprons offer a natural drape and an extremely on trend look, as well as a feel that is comfortable and cool enough for businesses operating in warmer climates or during the summer.
  • Colour: Give each member of your staff a different coloured apron, choose hues that fit well with your interior décor and then select the colours that mesh with your branding. With our range of different apron colours, any of these options is doable. You can also add different coloured apron straps, for an extra splash of personality.
  • Branding: At Urbanbar, one of our favourite hashtags is #makeityourown, and our uniform branding options make good on that philosophy. Add your logo or brand name to your restaurant aprons with screen printing, digital printing or embroidery. We can also print or embroider your logo on other uniform items, like shirts, hats, t-shirts or promotional products

Enquire about Urbanbar's Custom Restaurant or Café Aprons in Australia Today

Are you interested in placing an order for custom hospitality aprons online? Click here to learn more about our DIY apron programme or to enquire about personalising other parts of your restaurant or café uniforms. Please note that minimum and set-up fees may apply to your custom order. If you have an extremely small business with just a few employees, we might not be able to provide you with custom products. However, we are always willing to discuss options with you, so email us at info@urbanbar.com.au if you aren't sure whether or not your business would qualify for a bulk custom order.