Urbanbar Design Delivers Long-Lasting Style to the Hospitality Industry, Discover Restaurant and Cafe Aprons Online.

It's an endless series of stains - splashes of sauce and wine, dollops of veggies and meat. Food somehow never remains on its intended plate. Instead, it spills onto every apron, leaving unsightly streaks of crumbs and colour. These streaks yield nothing but sighs from your staff, with every day forcing them to scrub at the fabrics. Their efforts are earnest, but their results are less than impressive; and too often do they approach you for new wardrobes, unable to achieve the necessary cleanliness.

This is an expense - and frustration - you can't afford. This is why Urbanbar Design delivers resilient options, offering a variety of long-lasting restaurants aprons online and cafe aprons online. We recognise the challenges facing the hospitality industry, and we seek to counter those challenges through durable designs.

Since 2014 we’ve connected our clients to premium fabrics and superior stitching - with our hospitality aprons online designed for both style and practicality. This ensures that each staff member is perfectly presentable (and more easily able to keep their uniforms as clean as possible).

The Value of Durability: Choosing Cafe and Restaurant Aprons Online

With each day comes a new responsibility, a new task to complete. There’s no time, therefore, to waste on uniforms that can’t adapt to your company’s busy schedule (and occasionally messy patrons). This is why we offer hospitality aprons online, enabling our clients to achieve the sustainable styles they crave.

Easy Care Fabrics

Our cafe aprons online boast easy care fabrics (such as denim, polyester and cotton canvas). This ensures a more resilient fit, with the fibres delivering improved breathability and colour retainment. Low iron options available - without toxic treatments or nasty chemical finishes!

Machine Washable

A thorough scrubbing sometimes proves unavoidable. Our hospitality aprons online adapt to every cold water demand, accommodating all washing machines, ensuring quick cleans for your staff.

Cleaning Guidelines

We don’t merely offer restaurant aprons online. We also provide care guidelines, helping our clients extend the life of every uniform through detailed instructions. When properly followed, these instructions counter the effects of staining - as well as promote eco-friendly solutions. Our team embraces conservation with every stitch and we ensure that our fabrics do the same, fusing them with gentler alternatives to traditional chemical bleaching.

Through these elements, we ensure that all aprons cater to the day-to-day demands of the hospitality industry - enabling your staff to maintain their uniforms more efficiently and providing you with the sustainable support you need.

Choosing Cafe Aprons Online: Our Selection

Convenience defines us. Urbanbar Design offers a wide variety of hospitality options, including bib aprons, waist aprons, and cross back strap aprons. This allows our clients to create dynamic uniform styles, choosing the looks that best reflect their brands. To learn more about our hospitality-wear contact us today. Our team will happily answer any questions or comments:


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