Keep Your Staff from Getting too Hot on the Job, with Linen Restaurant, Café or Hospitality Aprons in Sydney

Picture this scenario: it's a sweltering hot day in the middle of summer and your restaurant, bar or café is drawing guests in record numbers. Your wait staff is bolting around the business trying to serve everyone. You even have outdoor seating, so that guests can sit on the rooftop (underneath some comforting shade, of course) and enjoy their meals or drinks. The only issue is that your waiters are overheating because their uniforms are far too warm for the hot day. It's just as bad in the kitchen, where your chefs are sweating over the stoves and ovens as they try to fill every order coming through from the dining room.

Air conditioning and good shading for your outdoor seating areas can do plenty to keep your guests cool and comfortable. It's your employees who are going to suffer on the hottest days of the year, particularly if they are wearing restaurant aprons in Sydney with long sleeves or other heavy and hot uniform items like heavy weight denim aprons.

How to Keep Your Employees Cooler and More Comfortable

At Urbanbar Design, we can help you design a summertime uniform that will keep your employees from overheating or sweating profusely at work. From stylish and professional short sleeve shirts to linen restaurant aprons, we have everything your Sydney business needs to keep up the pace on the hottest and busiest days of the year.

Our linen hospitality aprons are particularly popular among restaurants and cafes in the Sydney area. We use a proprietary linen blend for these aprons that is unique to our brand. The result is an incredibly comfortable and lightweight garment that won't lock in heat, even for wait staff who are working a lot outdoors. Because our linen blend is much more breathable than denim and most other fabrics, you can trust that your employees will notice a very pronounced difference when they trade out their old aprons for Urbanbar aprons.

If you are shopping for branded restaurant or café aprons in Sydney, we can help you with that too. We are happy to work with your café or restaurant to create an order of linen aprons with your logo emblazoned on the front—either through printing or embroidery. Minimums of 20 and setup fees apply to custom orders under 100, so please email us at if you want to place an order for branded linen aprons!

Start Shopping for Linen Restaurant Aprons and Other Uniform Items in Sydney Today

Don't leave your waiters, bussers or cooking staff sweltering and uncomfortable during the summer months. Sydney's summer climate is hot, and you need uniforms and hospitality aprons that suit the extremes of a Sydney summer. Our high quality uniforms can get you there and do it in style, turning your restaurant into one of the city's trendiest and most popular eating destinations for the summer months.

Do you have any questions about Urbanbar Design's linen aprons, our uniform shirts or any of our other products? Call us on +61 (3) 5277 0301 to get in touch.