Magic Fabrics

Unfortunately, there isn’t a secret formula to keeping your uniforms fresh forever. Just like any other high-quality piece of clothing, they experience wear and tear from repeated use. However, there are some things you can do to make sure each garment lasts for as long as possible.

The very first step is to try and follow the care instructions as closely as possible – they are there for a reason! Allowing for washing 2-3 times a week, your garment should last 6-12 months. After that, we suggest getting in touch with us to refresh your supply.

Do’s and Don’ts

Avoid ironing directly on any trims, buttons, labels or logos – they will burn!

PU Leatherette straps are not friends with your washing machine. Therefore, it’s best to remove them before machine washing.  PU straps must be hand washed.

Bleach, excessive soaking, tumble drying and line drying in direct sunlight aren’t going to do your beautiful piece any good, so try to avoid it.

Those hardware additions that give your uniform the modern professional style look great, but any harsh dry cleaning chemicals and tumble drying may weaken or affect the fabric its applied to. It’s best to avoid both methods to make sure you get the best of your piece.

UBD APRON Fabric Range

We like to use 100% cotton when possible. It is a comfortable fabric to wear, but since we don’t add any nasty chemicals, it will need to be ironed before use. It’s also worth noting that any cotton garment is likely to shrink under high temperatures.

Similarly, denim is designed to fade, but our Indgio denim quality is extraordinarily long lasting.

Our linen-blended apron range is unique to Urbanbar. We dye the fabric to create a vintage look but also add viscose for a little extra drape and lustre. They are easy to iron and a great weight for when the mercury is rising!

We also work with a blended cotton and polyester canvas that is a medium weight, which makes it suitable for most climates. With the added polyester fibre, the colour is longer-lasting and less likely to crease.

New to the range in 2017, the UBD Cotton Canvas quality is woven to quality standards suited to the climate common to most venues. We’ve pre-washed the aprons so that while super sturdy, they feel soft to touch on first use. You will find the colour you purchase, is the same colour that will last if washed as we recommend. However, they are 100% cotton, so just like your favourite jeans, will fade after many months of use and yet still look great! But, unlike your jeans, our cotton canvas aprons love a good hot iron!!

Our DIY apron in Poly/ Viscose is suited to any climate, requires little ironing and is crafted from a heavy duty twill fabrication. We call it our ‘cheap and chic’ apron - perfect for a small business on a budget! By adding the colour trims and pockets. the DIY apron comes to life with a pop of colour.

Tee shirts and Shirts

Our premium range of blank tee shirts have been pre-shrunk and washed to achieve a soft yet sturdy quality. Fabric weights are all above 150 grams so you won’t need to worry about any tee shirts being too ‘see through’.

Our shirts are all made from cotton, and can’t be treated like a polyester polo. Therefore, it’s best to follow the instructions on the label and iron before wearing. A little effort will go a long way!


Please try to wash in cold water and line dry to not only look after your purchase, but to be kinder towards our planet.