3 food crazes we’re loving

3 food crazes we’re loving

3 food crazes we’re loving

New exciting (and sometimes outrageous) foodie trends are constantly hitting the hospitality scene in Australia. From freakshakes to cronuts to acai bowls, it can be hard to keep up! We’ve looked at what some of our favourite restaurants and cafes around the country are doing to share with you the three food crazes that we’re loving right now.

Poke bowls

(Before you embarrass yourself, it’s pronounced ‘poke-ay’.) Originating from Hawaii, this dish of fresh, marinated, raw fish in bowls of colourful vegetables is like a delicious sashimi-buddha bowl hybrid. A combination of fresh vegetables, salty fish and Asian flavours makes this both tasty and healthy.

Many cafes are adding a poke bowl option to their seasonal menus, but you’ll also notice specialty poke restaurants popping up.

Where to get it:

  • Melbourne – POKÉD, Healeys Lane, Melbourne, VIC
  • Sydney – Poke Australia, Shop 3, 55 Dudley St, Coogee NSW
  • Brisbane – Suki, S6 182 Grey St, South Brisbane, QLD
  • Perth – Canteen, 64 West Coast Drive, Trigg, WA

Coffee in a cone

While the ‘avolatte’ made us laugh earlier in the year, this latest coffee trend is no joke. The coffee-in-a-cone craze was launched in South Africa in 2016 and has now made it to our shores. Conscious about sustainability? Forget your Keep Cup. This latest trend lets you avoid wastage altogether by eating your cup (or rather, your waffle cone) at the end. It’s like having your latte and mid-morning snack all at once.

Be warned with this one: though the waffle cone is lined with dark chocolate to make it leak-proof, you’ll need to consume your coffee in under 10 minutes to avoid latte on your lap!

Where to get it:

  • Melbourne – Darling Café, 2 Darling St, South Yarra VIC
  • Sydney – Bacino Bar, 397 Sydney Rd, Balgowlah NSW 
  • Brisbane – Café Conti, 1/102 Kedron Brook Rd, Wilston QLD
  • Perth – Kinky Lizard, 78a 20 Royal Street, East Perth, WA


Vegan ice cream

To service the third-fastest growing vegan market in the world, Australia’s cafes and restaurants are continuing to up their plant-based offerings. You’ll see vegan options on most menus, as well as a rise in specialised vegan restaurants.

Plus, Australia is even starting to get in on the vegan ice cream craze! Most vegan ice cream is made with a mixture of coconut and soy milk, sweetened with rice malt syrup and made in a variety of flavours.

Where to get it:

  • Melbourne – Girls & Boys, 382 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy VIC
  • Sydney – Gelato Blue, 318 King St, Newtown NSW 2042


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