Choosing the right uniforms for your brand

Choosing the right uniforms for your brand

When it comes to first impressions, you’ve got to make it count. That’s why you spend so much time thinking about your hospitality venue’s layout, tables, and menu—even the style of cutlery you use. Why should it be any different for uniforms? Whether relaxed and casual or sleek and refined, a uniform is a practical style element that can really set the mood for the rest of your business branding. Your uniform lets your customers know whether they’ve entered a down-to-earth local haunt, or a refined establishment saved for the most special occasions. Find the perfect uniform and the rest will fall into place.  

 From classic to rustic and artisan, the right uniform style sets the ideal mood for your venue and adds a professional touch to your services. If you’re looking to fit your team out with a new uniform, consider what your business stands for and how you want to express your style. We’ve compiled a few ideas to give you some inspiration:  

The Classic  

For a classic look that’s both versatile and smart, opt for a darker apron and a collared shirt in neutral tone, crisp white or a contrast print. Neutral tones make for a modern and versatile palette where the quality detailing of your uniforms will really stand out. Change the colour of the shirt to match your business for the perfect finishing touch. Your staff will look smart and professional without looking stale. We think a great take on the Classic look is achieved by pairing a timeless canvas apron with a monochrome print cotton shirt. Stone chinos make for a considered outfit or you can even reverse the colours for managers. 

 The Artisan  

When your business is all about offering a beautiful product like specialty roasted coffee or fresh food mad with local ingredients, you want your passion reflected through unique, artisanal-style uniforms. For an element of authenticity, try a luxe blended linen apron like the Clementine or the ultra-cool Theodore (think natural, taupe or chocolate brown with leather accents). The Artisan look is a perfect uniform match for bakeries, bars and cafés that take pride in producing ingredients in-house. To round out the Artisan style, go for the vintage tones of a denim or chambray button-down shirt.  


The Refined  

Refined style and sophistication is a state of mind—one that’s best achieved with sleek, coordinated uniforms that make your staff feel a million bucks. This is particularly true when it comes to fine dining and special events, but it applies more broadly too. If your venue hosts special events or offers fine dining, a quality apron with a crisp and anti-fade finish is a non-negotiable. Nothing tires a uniform like dull, faded fabric. Luckily with Urbanbar’s aprons including the Atlanta style with leather-look straps and the Archer Waist Apron, you’ll never run the risk of sub-par fabrication ruining the ambiance. Dark colours in complementary tones add a sophisticated edge to uniforms. The hero colour for a sophisticated uniform style is charcoal—its the new black, but with the same refined effect. For an added touch of style, play with accessories like bow ties and neckties. Choose a high quality, collared and ironed shirt under a sleek apron. Polished, black shoes and slim trousers provide the perfect pairing staples. 


The Casual Contemporary 

In 2017, Casual Contemporary is the chosen theme for the majority of new venues, and for good reason; it’s relaxed and welcoming while still being modern. If you want customers to feel like they’re on a first name basis with the barista and the food and coffee are consistently delicious and served with love, consider Casual Contemporary for your uniform style. To capture a more relaxed vibe, choose a bold striped tee paired with a washed denim apron finished with leather detailing. 

 Keep it far from cookie-cutter and let your staff go a little wild with their choice of accessories and finishing touches of texture and colour—whether it’their own choice of jewellery, a beanie, scarf or fashion-forward kicks. 

The customer service team at Urbanbar Design can help you reflect your business personality with stylish uniforms made from quality materials. 

If you want to know more about a particular product range, get in touch with our friendly team who can lead you towards the perfect style choices for your brand.