Customised aprons – Logo branding available

Customised aprons – Logo branding available

Personalise your business

Happy New Year from the team at Urbanbar Design.
2020 is the start of the new decade, which means new beginnings. Whether you are
starting a business or already established, customised aprons can bring that
personalised touch to your business.

Urbanbar Design offers you creative freedom when creating your ideal apron design.

We understand how branding effects and promotes your business, so we want to
work with you to get it right.

At Urbanbar Design we offer custom styling services, which includes logo branding
and custom design. All Urbanbar design products offer Logo design services. You
can browse our product range to find the right style for you. 

We have various forms of Logo branding available to suit your business. 

Screen Printing

With a once-off setup fee, Screen printing is a convenient way to personalise your

Urban Bar Aprons - Screen Printing

Photo:  @mondayswholefoods

Digital Printing

Perfect for T-shirts, Shirts and most aprons is a great option to get accurate colour
and design of your desired artwork.

Logo Embroidered Uniforms

Our Embroidered Apron is one of our most popular options available.

Poco Cafe - Urban Bar Aprons - Embroidered

Photo: @pococafeexpres

Each style has various benefits and is offered on most products. If you would like to
tailor your apron to your business our custom design services may be for you. This
allows you to completely design your apron yourself. From the colour of the canvas
to preferred straps.

If you have any questions or would like to enquire, please contact us here or email and one of our customer care team members will be in touch.

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