Decked Out In Denim Aprons

Decked Out In Denim Aprons

If you’re looking for a stylish apron that can stand the test of any kitchen, our Denim Aprons are true classics.

Urbanbar Design’s denim aprons are made for hospitality settings with an eye for fashion, and we have quite a few styles, shapes and shades to choose from.

Our favourite 2-pocket denim apron range, the Bermuda, is the choice if you want some pocket space and some added functionality to your apron. Alternatively, our UBD Denim aprons have a pocket-less design for a simpler and sleeker option. Either way, they’re both really easy to wear and wash, and suit most body shapes.

As always, all Urbanbar Design aprons can be customised with brand logos to add a bit more flair and create a uniform that really nails your brand and style. For more information about custom styling head to our website

Here’s a few examples of our denim aprons from some of our brilliant customers.

Denim Aprons on Cafe On Cue

Coffee on Cue Denim Aprons

Coffee on Cue is a leader in the Event Coffee Carts industry in Melbourne and Sydney. Popping up at over 80 events each month, the Coffee on Cue team can be seen decked out in custom UBD Denim aprons. And don’t they look great! The custom-added logo on their aprons help to keep their brand in front of customers during the hustle and bustle of the event break coffee-rush, as well as giving their aprons a unique design that can’t be seen anywhere else. We're digging those PU leather straps too!

To check out more from Coffee on Cue, take a look at their website and Instagram

Bleached Denim Apron

Bayside Pantry

This beautiful little Café in Shellharbour, NSW picked up a few of our Bleached Denim Bermuda aprons for their team. This shade of denim is a great fit for their light, bright café décor. As you can see, this denim apron works well with the simplest of pairings, such as a plain white t-shirt. For a soft, on-trend look, you just cant go wrong with bleached denim. 

For more on Bayside Pantry, check out their Website and Instagram page.

Denim Apron Mama Rumaan

Mama Rumaan

Mama Rumaan is a modern Middle Eastern kitchen located on the Central Pier in Docklands. The low-light, warm atmosphere of Mama Rumaan’s beautifully complements their fresh take on Melbourne’s Middle Eastern street food scene. Check out their Instagram page (@mamarumaan) and prepared to drool. (You can also see our Indigo Bermuda Denim apron in action, modelled by Mama herself!)

More from Mama Rumaan can be found on their website.

If you've got any questions about any of our uniforms, please get in touch.