Floral trend talk with As Daisy Does | Urbanbar Design

Floral trend talk with As Daisy Does | Urbanbar Design


Our Urbanbar team adores beautiful floristry as much as we do great food and coffee – which is why we’re so proud to supply floristry uniforms for our fabulous customers across Australia. One of our favourites, As Daisy Does, recently chatted with us about the trends and moods to take notice of in the floristry space.

Based in Geelong, Daisy and her team of creative green thumbs are becoming widely noticed for their fresh approach to florals and greenery, and their uniquely modern arrangements. We spoke directly with owner Daisy and dug up some fresh floral inspiration.

What trends are you currently seeing in floristry at the moment?

In terms of trends, we’re currently seeing a lot of dried and foraged looking material like pampas grass, cotton, foliage, bunny tails and grasses. The moody colour scheme was a massive hit last season, however for us this season is more about blush and neutrals with a softer feel.  

What excites you most about these trends?

We love to forage and this trend gives us the chance to. The longevity of these arrangements means that we have more time to source materials and longer to play with different concepts and ideas.

Being a florist working mostly with natives, we love the inclusion of the blush tones; it gives us the chance to create contrast with softer flowers against those natives and grasses. It looks AMAZING!

What do you anticipate to be the biggest trends this upcoming wedding season? 

I hope that the ground installations become a thing. Large arrangements that scale the floor around a ceremony have huge impact and reduce the risk of us breaking a leg on a ladder! Floating arrangements never went out of #fashun but I'm pushing our couples to consider the trend, especially in a negative space where they really get the effect of 'floating'.

Do you think houseplants are here to stay?

Houseplants are definitely here to stay! More and more people are reading and learning about the benefits they have on both our mental and all-around health. Not only this, houses in developments tend to lack the garden space that most houses once had. As a result people are bringing their gardens in.... and seriously loving it.

It looks pretty darn nice when it's done right. We are doing more and more installations at the moment and putting a different spin on each one, the end result changes a space significantly and our clients are also thrilled (and often drop back in store for more).

What trends do you see in floristry for cafes and bars?

Dried and long-lasting arrangements! This goes back to the earlier mention of cotton, dried grasses and foliage. Cafes can have these arrangements or installations as a ‘forever’ piece that is continuously drying and changing over time. 

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