Personalised Apron Showcase - Theodore Taupe Linen

Personalised Apron Showcase - Theodore Taupe Linen

What’s soft, grey and looks amazing in any situation? Our Theodore apron in Taupe Linen of course!

The Urbanbar Design Theodore apron has been popping up in kitchens across Australia, including local legends Alma, the wonderful team at Free to Feed in Melbourne, and Sydney superstars Luke’s Kitchen.  All have personalised aprons to fit their brand.

The Theodore apron is a favourite in any hospitality setting because of its comfort and versatility. The aprons are made from a blended linen fabric which drapes naturally and fits comfortably around all types of body frame, and the PU leather straps are adjustable to accommodate for numerous size alterations. The straps come in Black, Chocolate & Tan, so you can choose the perfect colour to match your kitchen’s style.

Personalised Aprons Are The Go!

We also offer personalised apron detailing to add your logo onto the apron, allowing you to show off your new aprons while simultaneously representing your business.

So.. let's take a look at how each of these venues customise their Theodore aprons to fit their own individual brands. 

Luke’s Kitchen

The elegant eatery has a chilled, lounge-like atmosphere. The Theodore apron is a good choice because it combines functionality with fashion to give staff a modern look without sacrificing moveability. We love the Luke's Kitchen logo - embroidered for permanence and an organic branding touch.Lukes Kitchen Personalised Apron

Alma Geelong

Alma is a stunning restaurant in Geelong serving South American food and drinks. The team has crafted a beautifully dark aesthetic for their stylish restaurant, and we love how their Theodore aprons are muted, yet stand out enough to catch the eye. 

Alma GeelongFree to Feed Melbourne

Free to Feed is a wholesome, non-for-profit team who specialise in social interaction and integration with refugees and new community members through food classes. Their cooking classes and workshops are a great success and we’re incredibly humbled to have the team choose our aprons for their inspiring work. Free to Feed needed aprons that could be easily adjusted from person to person and provide body coverage in a comfortable style. The personalised apron detailing also gave their aprons another hint of character.  

Free To Feed

Interested in learning more about the Urbanbar Design Theodore apron? Visit our shop and see how we can help your staff look polished, professional and comfortable! 

Urbanbar Design Theodore Apron