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Staying At Home In Style

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New custom embroidered linen aprons

The Urbanbar team all have kids, and like everyone in Australia at the moment, we’re spending a lot of time together indoors. In an effort to keep the kids away from screens, we’ve all been immersed in creative activities including art and a LOT of baking! These activities are bringing us closer as we try new things together. It prompted us to think about how to make these family activities even more special.

The Clementine linen apron range

 Urban Bar Design - Clementine Apron

Our Clementine linen apron is a perfect gift for homebodies of all ages! From kids to adults, it makes a style statement in the kitchen.  It is available in a wide range of vibrant colourways including Raspberry, Yolk, Pale Blue and Forest. The apron features metal clasps at the neck, making it easy to adjust to suit any body shape.

It also comes in two lengths – the regular apron is 84cm, and the kids version is 69cm.

And finally, the Clementine apron can be customised to include your preferred name in either large or small embroidery. 

 Urban Bar Design - Clementine Apron

Customised Embroidery Pricing

The apron with small custom embroidery is $32, and with large custom embroidery is $38. Alternatively, you can buy a Clementine linen apron without custom embroidery for $26.

 Urban Bar Design - Clementine Apron

We hope our embroidery option helps to provide a little excitement for your kids (and you too!) to create some magic in the kitchen or at the art table!

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