Urbanbar Uniform Design at the House of Food and Wine

Urbanbar Uniform Design at the House of Food and Wine

Event management is an incredibly complex operation for some of our customers. For major events, months of planning every detail ensure the event is a success that gets remembered and talked about.

Ultimately, a successful event is when guests and clients don’t notice the meticulously planned details. They only glean an overall impression – one that’s positive and exciting.

The catering, venue, guest list, logistics and technology must all be tested and coordinated for everything to run smoothly. The stakes are high; if anything goes wrong on the night, there’s nowhere to hide

Finesse your event with smart attire

When there’s been so much effort and thousands of hours invested into creating the perfect event, you need uniforms to rise to the occasion. Contributing a subtle signature to the tone of the event, uniforms speak of style and professionalism, adding the necessary flair that elevates the overall visual impact.

First impressions are formed in an instant. In just 3 – 10 seconds, the human brain comes to a decisive conclusion, based on the visual stimuli it receives. That’s why it’s essential to have professional attire that also looks and feels fantastic.

Match uniforms to the occasion

Uniforms are also a simple way to personalise your event. There are limitless custom styling options and creative ways to stand out. Whether it’s a subtle logo placement, a customised colour, or smaller details like unique shirt cuffs – events teams no longer need to fade into the background.

When custom designed for an event, uniforms have the ability to take events to the next level.

Urbanbar Design is a proud partner of this year’s Melbourne Food and Wine Festival. If you get a chance to visit the House of Food and Wine this year, you’ll see our uniforms, styled specially for this exciting event.