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Waist Aprons

Kit Out Your Wait Staff with Stylish Waist Aprons

Aprons are a great staple of hospitality uniforms, immediately signalling a certain class and attitude which can benefit any Australian café or restaurant. At once formal and casual, the waist aprons available through Urbanbar Design allow you to further customise the look of your staff with shirts or t-shirts  while still offering the functionality and essential look of a full-fronted apron.

The tough, versatile poly/cotton canvas material allows for the free mobility your floor staff need and can survive the rigours of the modern workplace with ease. These waist aprons are also available in other materials, such as hardy 100% cotton denim, pre-washed to hold its colour, or a softer luxe viscose-linen blend for a wonderfully textured appearance. 

Innovative, functional waist apron designs to help busy staff

Not only do Urbanbar Design aprons provide a great-fitting uniform piece across all your staff and complete the chic café look, it can be a highly functional garment to assist floor staff in their everyday roles. Our aprons feature secure pockets worked into the design, and resilient metal hardware to hold things together through the rigours of the job. We offer many different cuts of apron, scaling up to full floor length to meet the demands of your workplace.

The range of styles, colours, and lengths can help you fit an Urbanbar waist apron into any hospitality uniform. For an additional touch of colour and style you can add screen printed or embroidered logo  designs to most of our fabrics. Many of the aprons can also accommodate some form of belt or strap at the waist.  

Order waist aprons online as part of a coordinate uniform purchase

Urbanbar Design have been working with the Australian hospitality and fashion industries for more than 30 years. That experience has seen us grow a great understanding of what owners and staff need from their uniforms, and ever since it has been our mission to create the best garments available to these businesses. Our digital catalogue features shirts, aprons,  ,hats, and accessories, designed to be matched in any combination that suits your aesthetic. Put together a few complementary pieces and order for your whole uniform at once, the easiest way to outfit your staff.

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