Beating the heat, Urbanbar style

Beating the heat, Urbanbar style

As summer keeps kicking across most of the country, we wanted to post a reminder: there’s no need for your team members to swelter through summer in uniforms that don’t work for warm weather. Style need not compromise the comfort of your team. Here’s how to keep it cool when the mercury rises at your hospitality venue.


Natural fabrications 

Ditch synthetic and heavy, structured fibres for breathable, natural alternatives. At Urbanbar, our easy care fabric choices are the perfect solution for tricky weather conditions.

Summer hospitality uniforms should focus on soft 100% cotton shirting and t-shirts. With so many cuts and colours available in our cotton shirting range, you’ll be able to find the perfect option for your venue.

For a relaxed summer uniform look, try pairing our 100% cotton Victor V-neck t-shirt with the popular Clementine linen bib apron – currently on sale for just $20 AUD.


Relaxed and cool silhouettes 

The heat of summer is not the time for layering elaborate uniform elements or constricting with form-fitting styles. Instead, opt for relaxed comfort and let your uniforms breathe.

We get a lot of positive feedback on our Theodore linen apron. Customers love that it offers lightweight comfort all year around, but particularly during a heat wave. Your team members can even get away without ironing them for a more relaxed, rustic style. Bonus!


Eco friendly sun drying

Our clients love our cotton and linen blend styles for their fresh, versatile designs. But an added benefit is that these pieces are so easy to care for. When the weather is warm, take advantage of line drying – better for the environment, and gentler on your uniforms.

We hope you find the ideal summer uniform options to keep your team feeling cool and comfortable this season.