Rainbow Valentine’s: a celebration of love

Rainbow Valentine’s: a celebration of love

Valentines Day

Prepare the long stemmed roses and chocolate truffles… our Rainbow Valentine’s Day is nearly here!

Valentine’s means different things to everyone. What one person sees as a sickly sweet marketing ploy is for others the most loved-up day in the calendar. For all of us at Urbanbar, this year’s Valentine’s Day is shaping up as an occasion to celebrate. That’s because, 2018 is the first year in Australia where the Valentine’s marriage proposals will be happening for same sex couples too.

It was just a few months ago that our country voted overwhelmingly in favour of marriage equality in all states. Now that the campaigning is over, it’s time to embrace the love in the air.

Popping the question? 

Put the champagne on ice because we’re hoping many same sex couples will embrace the cliché in 2018 and propose to their loved ones on Valentine’s Day.

It’s a tradition many straight couples have embraced for years – a simple way of killing two birds with the one stone perhaps? Original or not, it’s sure to add a new level of significance to any couple that chooses to make their commitment official.

If you’re thinking of #puttingaringonit this Valentine’s, heed some advice: you’ll still need to make it a unique and memorable occasion somehow. Plan ahead and consider all the little details of the occasion that will make it romantic in a way your loved one will appreciate.

If your venue is hosting an event or dinner service for Valentine’s this year, think about adding some rainbow charm to your menu, playlist or décor and help your diners feel the love.

love is love

Partying for love

Whether you’re single, coupled or hitting the town with friends, Valentine’s is a perfect time for a party. So it seems fitting that February marks the start of Sydney’s world famous Mardi Gras festival. If you haven’t booked your tickets or flights yet, you might want to hurry because Cher is the headlining act for this momentous Mardi Gras. Do you believe in life after love?

No matter how you spend your Rainbow Valentine’s Day, we hope it involves a celebration. Sending much love to you as always, our readers and customers, from us at Urbanbar Design.