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Five Reasons Why Aprons Are Important

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The word apron is derived from the Latin word ‘Mappa’ which translates to ‘napkin.’ When you think of an apron, cooking may immediately come to mind, but aprons are used in all types of industries. A long time ago industries were recognisable by a specific coloured apron  - for example, cobblers wore black aprons, butchers wore blue-striped aprons, and barbers wore checkered aprons - although businesses and people now choose an apron based on their personal preference. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, aprons have many useful functions.
  1. First and foremost, cleanliness - aprons are more hygienic than you think! They act as a sanitation barrier. Your clothes collect a lot of bacteria, which can transfer onto what you’re working on, which for many who wear aprons, means food.
  1. The best part about our aprons? They are low maintenance! They can handle what life throws at you... even our white ones. Crafted to be durable and resistant to spills, our aprons are washable and will last you for years to come. Now you don’t have to cry over spilt milk on your favourite shirt.
  1. Ease! Who would ever turn down extra pockets? The variety of pocket sizes on our aprons will suit all industries. Whether it’s to carry your iPads, tools, twine, notebooks, or snacks, they’re sure to make your day easier!
  1. Aprons are *drum roll please* the perfect gift! Whether it’s an acquaintance, work colleague, best friend or family member, aprons are a touching gift. It’s not another candle, or gift voucher they’ll never use, but a functional gift that can be made even better with personalisation! The perfect gift with an extra touch. 
  1. Style Urbanbar your way to make a statement. The apron you choose should be one you love, one you feel confident in one that adds flare to your work. From pretty in pink, to cool in denim, to trendy in mustard, you’ll stand out with Urbanbar Design! #uniformswithanedge
Aprons are a simple addition, but do a mighty job! So, what are you waiting for? Find the perfect apron for you and your business on Urbanbar, start shopping now!
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