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Let's #savehospo

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Here at Urbanbar, we are constantly amazed by the resilience and innovation of Australia’s hospitality industry.  Each day presents a new opportunity to adapt, get creative and give it a red hot crack (and no, we’re not talking about making room in the fridge for the lattést fad, potato milk*)

Our hearts especially go out to Melbourne and Sydney, our hospitality capitals, who have dealt with the harshest restrictions we’ve seen in Australia. We’re impressed with the mind-blowing ways our clients are trying new things and adapting their offerings. Here are a few that we’re loving!


1. @littleredrobinrestaurant offering a wine and dine pack! Because who doesn’t love to be wined and dined at home?

Urbanbar savehospo

2. @hiddenjemcafe have put together DIY Waffle Kits – for something fun to do at home!

Urbanbar savehospo

3. @benzinsyd – are doing home packs with DIY aspects like Roti bread. Yes, please!

Urbanbar savehospo

If this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that supporting Australian businesses is incredibly important. So, let’s #savehospo and support your local!

*Potato Milk is exactly as it sounds, a new plant based milk alternative! You heat it up and then emulsify it with rapeseed oil, although the exact process is a bit of a trade secret. It is more sustainable than other alternative milks yet still as creamy.

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