In The Spotlight: Urbanbar's Client Features

In The Spotlight: Urbanbar's Client Features

Busy and in need of some quick visual inspiration? Since 2014, UrbanBar Design has been proudly providing brands and venues with high quality contemporary and ergonomic uniforms. With over 30 industry experience among our team, we offer a wide range of services, styles and advice in refreshing company wardrobes. 

See below why our clients fall in love with their UrbanBar aprons. 

Here are a few of our fabulous clients 😍 

Looking for a salad fix? @herba_salata_wholefood 

Herba Salata Wholefoods simple philosophy is to serve delicious, vibrant and wholesome dishes. They look forward to welcoming you into their shop and serving fresh, real food that you can enjoy every day. 

Wearing the Aspen Apron Duck Canvas in Mustard. Why do they love it? It’s a uniquely bright, eye-catching, apron made from a resilient heavy duty canvas. Perfect for a messy environment without compromising on style. Whilst you're here, we have a salad joke for you “what’s a penguin's favourite salad ingredient? Iceberg lettuce...” Mmm maybe to stick to aprons.

Urbanbar apron

Looking for a coffee fix? @baysidepantry

Bayside Pantry has you covered for coffee, treats, breakfast, burgers, healthy bowls, smoothies, fresh juice practically everything you could ever want! Serving you beachy vibes in the Hampton apron.

Wearing Hampton 2 Pocket Apron in Bleached Denim. Why do they love it? This lightweight apron is perfect for hospitality and industries alike, ideal for standing all day. P.S we love the soft pink and bleached denim uniform combo, what a vibe!

Urbanbar apron


Looking for a pub feed? @lornehotelview

Who can’t go past a good parmi? Yes parmi, not parma! Well, however you choose to order this pub classic, the Lorne Hotel staff will be serving you in the Archie apron with a smile and hopefully a pint.   

Wearing the Archie Apron in Khaki. Why do they love it? For starters, their embroidered logo looks sleek and simple! Secondly the Archie is one tough apron, exactly what a pub venue needs. Like what you see? Get in contact with us for all your embroidery needs. 

Urbanbar apron

Looking to do something different? @palette_paintandgraze

Join the girls at the mobile paint and grazing party service! Create beautiful, entertaining and memorable events. Of course, in their true fashion they’ve chosen the gorgeous Linen Clementine Apron in Blush! Don’t be fooled, it's not just pretty, it’s as tough as getting toilet paper in a pandemic!

Wearing Clementine Bib Apron in Blush Linen. Why do they love it? Because you can’t go past this gorgeous pastel pink that doesn’t compromise on durability - How does that saying go? Don’t cry over spilt paint!

Urbanbar apron


Looking for delicious, healthy treats? @ballerblends 

Baller chief Kylee is known for her mouth-watering snackable delights and brand The Raw Baller. Kylee created Baller Blends so everyone can add nourishment, taste bud satisfaction and delight to snack time.

Wearing a Clementine Blush Apron customised from bib to waist apron. Why does she love it? It is unique and snazzy! We love accommodating your visions. If you need a custom apron please get in-touch, we love working with our clients to create the ultimate style for you and your brand! 

Urbanbar apron

Looking for catering to impress your guests? @peterrowlandau

Highly renowned hospitality champion Peter Rowland, has been creating memorable occasions since 1962. Transforming every special occasion from the intimate to the extravagant, from the informal to the unexpected. 

Wearing the Archie Apron in Black Canvas. Why do they love it? Unadulterated sophistication, without the pretentiousness. The detailing in the cross back straps and enforced stitching completes the modern design. Wear it with an UrbanBar black or white shirt, detailed with a tie and you’ve got the complete look. Don’t look elsewhere for sophistication. 

Urbanbar apron


Looking for the ‘best brunch spot?’ @hiddenjemcafe

You heard correctly, actually voted the best brunch cafe, what a badge of honour! Looking at their Instagram you can clearly see why, I mean look at those shakes! Time to wipe the drool off the keyboard and get inspired.

Featuring the Clementine in Forest. Why do they love it? Apart of the Clementine Apron family all our colours are trendy and pigmented. Hidden Gem previously wore the ‘tobacco’ but now after a quick refresher they’ve opted for ‘forest’ the ‘it’ colour in our opinion. Accompanied with a minimalist personalised logo.

UrbanBarUrbanbar apron

Looking for beautiful blooms? @thistleandfernflowers

Let this passionate team operating from a converted shipping container create you their own unique floral design from fresh seasonal and textural flowers and foliage.

Wearing the Waist Gatsby in Tobacco. A classic and quiet need for a neutral apron when the beautiful blooms are the ones stealing the show. We’re happy to sit back and let the flowers pop. Peep the apron with the sage custom shirt - are we really surprised by the gorgeous colour combo from these colour whizzes?

Urbanbar apron


You may have noticed the custom logos on almost all our clients, whether it’s print or embroidery! Get in touch with us if you want to show off your branding whether it’s bold and proud or if it’s about the little things. Our team will work with you.  

We love getting tagged in your photos and seeing our aprons in action! UrbanBar aprons have been tried, tested and loved in hospitality, floristry, beauty and even feng shui! The list goes on and on. 

Ready to try them for yourself? Browse our range online or get in touch with our knowledgeable team, who can assist you!

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