Logo branding for uniforms: stand out in style

Logo branding for uniforms: stand out in style

If you want your business to stand out in style, it’s worth checking out the quality logo and branding customisations offered by Urbanbar Design. Featuring your logo on staff uniforms can add a sense of professionalism and pride to your service, while also elevating your brand presence in a tangible way. Your customers will be in no doubt as to who you are and the brand you represent. When it comes to how you customise with logo branding, there are a few choices available:

Logo embroidery

Logo embroidery can be a super effective way of adding a high quality final touch to your presentation. Urbanbar can capture the unique colour and design elements of your logo perfectly through our high quality embroidered finishes. You’ll be involved in the process so we can make sure your logo representation is just right.

Screen printing

Did you know that when you purchase from one of Urbanbar’s ranges of aprons, shirts and tees that they can be beautifully screen printed to incorporate your business’ branding elements like a logo or image? Hospitality uniforms have certainly come a long way from the basic black and white of the past… If you’d like help deciding on the unique design elements you’d like to use as part of your screen printing, the team at Urbanbar are highly experienced and in a great position to offer advice.

Digital printing

If you need to make sure your logo and its appearance meet exact specifications, it’s best to go with Urbanbar’s digital printing option. This takes the graphic design specifications of your logo and branding elements to digitally translate this onto your new uniforms. You’ll have your team looking incredibly professional and on-brand.

If you’d like to get started with your logo customisation and order your stunning new custom uniforms, get in touch with Urbanbar by emailing info@urbanbar.com.au and one of our customer care team members will be able to discuss available styles, colours and packages.

*Minimum order quantities apply.