Winter Drinks Menu

Winter Warmer drinks for your menu

Winter Drinks Menu

While we head into the coldest time of the year, it’s time to think about enticing customers away from their Netflix cave hibernations with some very tempting and tasty drinks menu updates. There’s something romantic about heading out into the depths of winter for a tipple or two and customers love a drink with a seasonal touch. Whatever your venue’s style or cuisine, there’s sure to be a winter warmer drink idea here to take your fancy and keep your customers coming back despite the chill.

Whisky cocktails

If you’re after a drink that seriously warms you up from the inside, then you can’t really go past whisky. While many customers might not like the taste of it straight, you can tempt plenty of punters with a well-crafted and expertly mixed whisky cocktail, tailored to the season. When it comes to which classic cocktail (or version thereof) to choose, the choices are endless.

Why not go for an Old Fashioned? If the hit of the Scotch whisky or bourbon cut with sweet acidity doesn’t get you fired up, the visual of the slowly melting cube of ice in a pool of amber liquid will definitely get you in the winter spirit.

Mulled wine & winter reds

Clichéd though it may be, there is something very comforting about a big cup of hot mulled wine on a winter’s night. With its storied history and festive associations, this is one to transport your customers to European night markets and to fill the air of your venue with a warm, cheerful aroma. Try experimenting with different citrus fruits and wine varietals to add your unique signature to this true classic.

If your customers prefer their vino at its room temperature best, winter is the season to delve into the deeper flavours and fuller bodied choices. If you don’t want to go all-out on a new wine list, why not try adding just a few extra choices — a cabernet sauvignon, shiraz or sangiovese will always beautifully complement your hearty winter fare.

Serious stouts

‘Time for a Guinness’? The king of stout beers may not be quite your style, but there are a number of craft brewery alternatives that are sure to keep your serious beer connoisseurs delighted through the cooler months. Take your pick from porters, dark ales and stouts. The best of the bunch may be this stout from New Zealand craft brewer, Stoke. If it’s good enough to win the Dublin Cup, then it’s good enough for your winter beers list!

Irish coffee

The Irish coffee must be due for a comeback — particularly in coffee-obsessed cities across Australia that want to liven up their evening cuppa. There are plenty of variations, but the original recipe sticks to Irish whiskey and cream. You can add your own touch with the presentation, perhaps letting the customer do the mixing with a deconstructed style. Or add a small chocolate truffle alongside the drink for a special extra.

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