Sustainability tips to green up your business

Sustainability tips to green up your business

Sustainability business


Sustainability is no longer just a buzzword; it’s a driving force for businesses, especially in the hospitality industry. We pride ourselves on making small, sustainable choices in every area – from fabrics to waste reduction. That’s why we’re rounding up some of our top tips to keep us environmentally aware into the New Year. Read on to find out how you can make a meaningful difference for your café, restaurant or bar.

Work on your waste

Let’s start where we can all make the biggest impact: waste reduction. Did you know that Australians waste approximately $8 billion worth of edible food every year?! That’s a terrible statistic, both for your venue’s balance books and our landfills.

Great chefs and kitchen managers know the fine art of stock management, ruining their kitchens with military precision to minimise food wastage. You can bring a bit of this ruthlessness into your businesses to keep waste to a minimum too. Work with your team to implement great stock management techniques and cut down on the scraps.

Green grinds

If you have the space, a compost bin in a green space can be an excellent way of putting organic food scraps back into the earth and away from toxic landfill. This is a great option for all those used coffee grounds from the café!

You could even go a step further and recycle with Reground or a local coffee grounds recycler. To date, these coffee heroes have saved over 67 tonnes of ground coffee from landfill.

Love local

What does Atlantic salmon, French champagne and Kobe beef have in common? They all trek thousands of miles to make it to your customers’ plates if your business is here in Australia. Not exactly sustainable when it comes to carbon emissions… Think more locally when it comes to your menu so that you can reduce your impact.

We’re spoilt for choice in this country when it comes to fresh produce, artisanal foods, wine regions and craft beers. Let’s celebrate our local producers and do some good for the environment while we’re at it. Use the Seasonal Food Guide to learn what’s in season near you.

Design details

Bringing sustainability to your business extends beyond your menu. Everything from your cleaning products to your greenery can be swapped with environmentally smart choices over time. And don’t forget your staff uniforms. Sustainable, natural fabrics like linen blends and cottons make a softer impact on the environment and are easier to clean and care for, making them stylish and sustainable.

Learn more about the Urbanbar Design range and finding the right styles for your venue by getting in touch with our team